3M Virtua AP Classic Line Safety Spectacles Clear Lens Polycarbonate 26g Ref 7151200



The new 3M Virtua AP Clear Lens Safety Spectacles feature sleek unisex styling designed to appeal both male and female wearer; the wrap around design features integral side shield for improved safety and greater protection Optical class 1 lens for high optical clarity and extended wear time. Sleek unisex stylish design. Integrated brow bar for added protection. Lightweight (26g) for maximum comfort. Streamline wrap-around design for excellent coverage and good field of vision. Strong polycarbonate lenses featuring anti-scratch coating for improved vision and extended durability Approval: EN 166:2001 Impact Protection: High speed particles at low energy and extremes of temperature (-5 to +55ºC) Visible Light Transmittance: 90% Eyewear Applications Food Industry Frame Marking: 3M Virtua AP EN166 FT CE 230.1 Frame Colour: Clear Optical Protection: Artificial light - sodium or mercury lamp Lens Coating: Anti-Scratch Lens Marking: 2C-1.2.3M.1.FT Lens Type: Polycarbonate Lenses Lens Colour: Clear Lens Weight: 0.026 kg

  • Weight: 44g

£2.19 exc VAT

£2.19 exc VAT