Slice Ceramic Auto Retractable Box Cutter Green 10503



The Slice box cutter revolutionized safety with its ceramic safety blade and unique handle which wraps around your hand, protecting you from staples while providing the perfect angle to expose only as much blade as you need. The patented ceramic safety blade lasts up to 11 times longer than steel and doesn't require a sharps disposal box. Avoid injuries with a retractable blade that prevents you from accidentally leaving the blade exposed.

£32.00 exc VAT

  • The world's first auto-retractable box cutter with a ceramic blade
  • Patent-pending handle features non-slip, easy-hold finish which protects your hand during use
  • Blade automatically retracts whenever the slider button is released for added safety
  • Double-sided ceramic cutter blade features a rounded tip
  • Non-conductive, anti-magnetic ceramic blade is resistant to rust
  • Simple no tool blade change
  • Includes 1 double sided ceramic blade
  • Auto-retractable for extra safety
  • Stays sharp up to 10 times longer than steel
  • Non conductive anti-magnetic blade never rusts
  • Less blade changes = less money and less injuries
Brand Slice
Form Knives
Manufacturer Slice Inc
Retractable Yes
Type Knives & Knife Blades

£32.00 exc VAT